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Open Casting Call for Massachusetts & Southern NH Chefs and Cooks

TO SUMIT – email this any relevant materials (resume, reel, headshot, articles / write-ups, cooking demos) to contact@anotherageproductions.com.

Another Age Productions (AAP), an Emmy® Award-winning Massachusetts production company, is seeking CHEFS and COOKS from Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire area to compete in a head-to-head, culinary competition series filming this November and airing around March 2022 on a new, digital channel, Very Local Boston (Sizzle – youtu.be/VdivGvVr62I).

The premise of the program is simple. You’ll have 45 minutes to cook a signature dish of yours and then serve it to the opposing chef. The catch? Both chefs will have to taste their opponents dishes blindfolded, and figure out the correct ingredients and plating style only by taste, smell, and touch. You’ll then have one hour to recreate your opponents dish, with the winner being determined based on a percentage of correct ingredients, the presentation, and how the dish tastes overall.

In addition to the competition, each chef who comes onto the program will have a 1-2 minute bio piece at the head of each program highlighting who you are, your cooking style, what restaurant you represent – you decide what’s important. And then throughout the program, we’ll intercut interviews with the chefs as they move along throughout the process of the competition.

This program is a great way for young chefs to get their name out there, personal chefs to promote their brand, home cooks looking to make the next step, chefs opening a new restaurant, or hard-working experienced chefs looking to make new connections and cook awesome food.

We want chefs who represent a real cross section of the region, both from a location standpoint (Boston, Worcester, New Bedford, the Cape, Manchester, North/South Shore, Berkshires), as well as cooking styles and nationalities. 

Most importantly, this is meant to be a friendly and fun competition, with our goal to celebrate you as a chef and support the local restaurant industry. We want chefs who are engaging, personable, fun, and humble. And if you want to compete against a friend who’s a chef, mention it to us! We’d love to see how that plays out!

Filming for the competition portion of the program will take one day (8-10 hours) in Lawrence, MA, with an additional day (1-2 hours) in December / January for filming b-roll for your bio piece (at restaurant, kitchen, cooking, etc). There is no monetary compensation for filming, however you’ll receive a small stipend for travel (gas / parking), and if you happen to come out on top, a donation will be made in your name to a charity of your choice.

Prior to filming, we’ll have a discussion with each of the participants working on recipe, ingredients, and equipment needed, which will all be procured by our production team. We want to strike that balance of it being challenging, but not impossible for your competition. And we’ll be sourcing our ingredients from New England headquartered supermarkets.

TO SUMIT – email this any relevant materials (resume, reel, headshot, articles / write-ups, cooking demos) to contact@anotherageproductions.com.

We look forward to hearing from you, and please reach out with any questions!


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