C Space LIVE: The Future of Customer Segmentation

A live, in-studio web streaming event viewed internally, featuring live polling and interactive responses.



C Space


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44 Minutes


About the Program

Customers are changing faster than most businesses can adapt; existing methods to understand them are buckling under the pressure. Why isn’t your traditional segmentation working? How can you build a model that will add value and drive growth at your organization? What does it take to create lasting internal buy-in and application?

Join us for C Space LIVE, an expert roundtable event you can join from any location.

You’ll hear from Rob Schipul, Sr. Director of CX, at Monster and Michael Shonkoff, VP of Marketing at DraftKings.

Email CSpaceLive@CSpace.com with questions and/or feedback.

For more information about C Space, visit CSpace.com.

Our Role

When C Space approached Another Age Productions about live-streaming a discussion, we were game. After giving Rob and his team a tour of the studio, we locked in a date and got the ball rolling. This program was streamed live over Vimeo, where we created a private link ahead of time that was sent out via email to their internal stakeholders and employees. On the day of the production, they simply clicked the link from the email and picked up where the conversation was going.

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