Citi Bank

Several videos created for Fortune 500 company Citi Bank for their internal distribution.



Citi / C Space




x2 @ > 3 minutes


About the Production

These two video productions were done for Citi Bank through C Space – a consumer research organization. Both videos were for internal distribution, with the Town Hall video shown at Citi Bank’s annual meeting.

Our Role

Another Age Productions served as the coordinating producer, as well as the director, cinematographer, and editor for these productions. For the Building Relationships video, AAP traveled to Citi Bank headquarters in New York City where we filmed several employees, using various arrangements within their corporate offices to provide variety in shot selection.

For the Citi Town Hall video, we had several locations around the Greater Boston area and Connecticut where we traveled to people’s homes to get candid and relaxed interactions with the Citi phone app and website.

Both videos were edited at AAP using Adobe Premiere, and delivered in 4k for projection at their events and 1080p for online distribution.

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