Newton-Needham Regional Chamber

A PSA created for the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber regarding affordable housing.







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About the Production

Produced as a collaboration between Another Age Productions (AAP) and the Newton-Needham Regional Chamber of Commerce (NNRC), this PSA was intended to bring attention to the increasing difficulties in attracting and retaining workers in Newton, Massachusetts and surrounding communities due to a dire workforce housing shortage. The production team conducted six 30-45 minute interviews with local business owners from a variety of different backgrounds in order to encapsulate the duress of the housing crisis and how it affects their workforce. A truly collaborative project that included two producers from the NNRC scheduling willing business owners to discuss the issues and then AAP executing the production and edit, the team worked together to hone in on the major components of the story. This production was then distributed on local access stations, through the NNRC’s website, and was also picked up by the Boston Globe and other media out lets.

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