A series of five promotional videos for the Samsonite Silhouette 16 luggage line.





Corporate / Commercial


x5 @ >1 minute each


About the Project

In the Fall 2018, Another Age Productions was approached by Laurie Asmus and Amelie Loyot regarding creating five web videos for the new Samsonite Silhouette 16 luggage line for the Macy’s website. Their proposal was simple – showcase the suitcases in an overhead style, while also demonstrating the bags capabilities. They wanted the spots to move and to really keep the energy going through the entire piece. The key aspect of the segments were to essentially have the clothing pop in or out of the suitcase fluidly and seamlessly.

Our Role

AAP’s role was to execute on that vision, which while simple in concept, required some creative problem solving. The big one was managing the size of the suitcases, which while they look small on a screen, in reality can be 2ft-3ft unopened. The challenge was to have these bags open and close from an overhead angle, which meant the filming space had to be large enough to accommodate. We did this by combining a set of 4×8 pieces of plywood, and then wrapping them in two separate rolls of colored background paper. Then we set up the jib to film just around the plywood area (in 4k) using the Canon C300, and the 35mm Canon Cine lens. We noticed a significant difference in sharpness between the cine lens and 16-35mm Canon L-Series lens, which wasn’t a huge surprise, but the tradeoff was not having any room to space around the edges of the filming area. The sharpness with the cine lens came in handy on the post-production side when masking out areas that needed to be covered and color correcting. Then he jib had to be locked down for the entirety of each segment as to not disrupt continuity, and we essentially worked backwards. We packed the bag, then worked in reverse for our shots, taking clothing out or running through actions before populating the filming area with clothes.

Overall, we were super happy with how the end products came out, and working with Laurie, Amelie and the Samsonite team was really a positive experience.

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