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Blind Kitchen Boston

About the Production

Each episode of Blind Kitchen is a culinary showdown between two local chefs. Each chef will try to recreate their opponent’s dish — the catch is that the opposing chef can’t see the dish they are trying to recreate.


Andrew Eldridge

Noreen Moross


Very Local // Hearst Media

Hosted by Chef Bime Cruz, Blind Kitchen Boston is a playful culinary competition series that proves once and for all that when it comes to food, looks can be deceiving!

When Hearst and the Very Local team approached AAP about executing on their cooking competition show within a tight timeframe, we stepped up to the plate and delivered. We not only cast our host, Bime Cruz, but also found 20 additional chefs, secured a location at the Revolving Test Kitchen in Lawrence, propped out the kitchen, and organized an all-star crew — all within a two month period. Then when post production came around, we turned out a near-ready episode within a month and delivered all materials and episodes on time or ahead of schedule.

The response to Blind Kitchen Boston has been amazing; it even aired nationally on Very Local’s “More to Explore Week” in September 2022.