Heroes Around Us

30-minute television series that explores people doing extraordinary acts within their community.


American Ruins

American Ruins is an Emmy® Award-winning, half-hour documentary series that tells the history of abandoned landmarks scattered across the American landscape.


The Folklorist

Emmy® award–winning original program that provides a captivating glimpse into the lesser-known occurrences in history.


The Spark

The Spark Boston is a new show on the Very Local streaming app that features masters and thought leaders who have made names for themselves on the national stage, but they never forget the city that sparked their inspiration.


A Most Beautiful Thing

A documentary chronicling the first African American high school rowing team in the country. AAP handled all post production on this moving and inspirational film, narrated by Common.


Blind Kitchen Boston

In this quirky food competition series, local chefs recreate each other’s signature dish, but they can only determine what the dish is using their senses of taste, touch and smell. Each chef is blindfolded during a down-and-dirty guessing phase and when the masks come off, the heat is on, with both chefs cooking what they believe is their opponent’s creation.


Assassin Nation

A half-hour television series that exposes assassination attempts made on American Presidents.